About GYLS

 One Thing I Can’t Stand…

….is to feel like my life is out of control: if I’m not managing my money right…..if my health has taken a back seat to other “pressing” matters…..especially if I am not being productive! I started this blog to hold myself accountable for trying to stay on track with living the life I crave: controlled, productive, financially free, passionate…

I could list any number of adjectives, and all of them would describe my one goal: to improve my life.

And if I am able to provide you with some helpful info and inspiration, then that’s like icing on the cake 🙂


What I Hope This Blog Will Do:

1. Inspire you.

Let’s get a conversation started about what’s not working in our lives, and how we can change it.

2. Give you some thoughts and tips you may not have considered before.

We’re probably going through the same issues, right? Let’s support each other!

3. Give you links to some tools and resources. 

I’m researching things constantly, so I like to share good stuff when I get it.


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Serena Appiah

About Me

I’ve been blogging since 2005, but started with just blabbing about my pregnancies and kids stuff. Then I became passionate about blogging when I realized I could reach a mass of people (well, all few subscribers of you, hahaha) who I could inspire with my words, with my thoughts, with my creativity. And most importantly, who could inspire me, as well.

Get Your Life Straight started in January 2013 as I began to think about goals I wanted to achieve for the New Year, but felt disorganized in being able to translate that to “success.” I’m still struggling with it, honestly. But, this blog holds me accountable, and hopefully my ramblings and curiosity of life, and desire to live the best life I can, will help to inspire you, as well. ,

I’m a married 40-year old mommy to 3 young boys, ages 11, 8, and 6 (exhausting, I tell ya!). I live in the Washington DC Metro area. I am a professional DIY blogger over at Thrift Diving, a do-it-yourself blog about decorating, improving, and maintaining your home on a DIY budget.  You can find me over on my Thrift Diving Facebook page or you can email me (serena@thriftdiving.com).

Welcome! We’re now officially friends 🙂