Time to Consider Another Cheap Wireless Plan?

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No Contract Mobile Phone


You knew this post was coming, right? After that lengthy post that I did about how to get rid of cable to save money…..

It only makes sense that we now evaluate cheap wireless plans and why you may want to consider switching cell phone plans to save money and t0 stay more connected to your friends and family.

So I remember back in ‘da day when my very first archaic cell phone plan gave me 500 “anytime” minutes for $50 a month. That’s all ya got. I though that was a sweet deal!

How naive right?!

There were no “smart phones.” Just “dumb phones” that would charge us 30 cents per minute beyond the 500 “anytime” minutes if we ever got a little loquacious one particular month. LOL.

And you were bound by contracts that made you sign your life away if you ever got an inkling to–GASP!–switch services before your contract was up.

In some ways, cell phone plans have come a long way to accommodate our lifestyles (e.g unlimited texts, unlimited data with the use of “smart phones”).

But they can be expensive (for example, $100 a month), and if you’ve got, say, 3 members in your household, paying upwards of $300 or more for unlimited “everything” just isn’t financially feasible.

Many of them still require outdated contracts, too!


“Anytime” Does NOT Mean “Unlimited”

It’s expensive when you go over your “anytime” minutes. You know…..those minutes that start ticking away WHEN YOU USE THEM MOST, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m…..Yeah, those.

What ends up happening, in my case, is that if I notice myself getting close to using all my minutes, I have to cut short my conversations.

Which means, I can’t stay connected to my friends and family.

Sorry, that’s not good enough.

I don’t feel I should have to stop talking to my loved ones just because I’ve come to the end of my cell phone “anytime” minutes.

So let’s see if we can find a cheap mobile plan that allows you to talk, text, and surf (the web) when you want, while keeping the bill affordable, without a contract.

Think we can do it?


The Unlimited, No Contract Plan 

So for these next few months, I am going to test drive the Walmart Family Mobile Plan (#FamilyMobileSaves). Thanks to Collective Bias for providing me the opportunity, along with a T-Mobile MyTouch, for this test drive. I can’t wait to see how the Family Mobile plan allows me to possibly save money and to stay more connected to my friends and family, without the “fear” of a surprise bill at the end of a billing cycle because I talked too much!

I went to Walmart a few days about to get the MyTouch activated (which only took about 10 minutes; all they needed was my driver’s license–super easy! You can see more pics of my trip in my Google+ album).

I was a little skeptical, I have to admit.

Unlimited text, talk, and data for only $40?

Did anyone else ever hear about this plan?!

Walmart Family Plan

I couldn’t help but whister to the sales girl, “So…what’s the catch?” as if she could tell me the secret and I wouldn’t share it with anybody. LOL

She told me there’s no secret; just that after 1G of data usage, the data would slow down a bit, and that you’d want to purchase an Extras Pack for $10 if you want more data than the 1G offered. Not knowing how much data I even use, I skipped the Extra Pack for now and will keep that little “good to know” tip in the back of my mind.


Walmart Family Plan Extras Pack


I bought the $25 Starter Kit (required for the initiative activation; the $25 goes towards the first month’s $40 bill, which is nice), and I’ve got the phone activated and ready. I like that it will be easy to manage my account via their online account management, too.

So over these next couple months, I am going to try out the Family Mobile Plan and fill you on on whether it’s saving me money and keeping me more connected to family (and eliminating the fear of opening my cell phone bill!).

Then I’ll be reporting back to you!

So….can you save money with the Walmart Family Mobile plan?

Should you consider switching to a cheaper mobile plan?

This experiment is going to be sooooo good….

Let the games begin.

Now……answer me this: Do any of you use an unlimited, no contract phone? Does it save you money, and keep you connected to your family?


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Serena Appiah is a wife and mom to 3 boys in the Washington, DC metro area who enjoys writing about family, finances, and raising children.

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  1. I’ve been trying Walmart Family Mobile as well, and I have to admit that it’s a great, low cost alternative to your traditional family plans. The only downside that I’ve seen so far is that the download speeds are 3G which is quite a difference to the 4G I’ve now become accustomed to with my family plan.

  2. Allen Maddox says:

    I have not used the Walmart no contract plan. But I do have the Sprint Friends and Family unlimited plan. There are 4 of us on it. All adults with jobs who pay their share. For us this works. So it’s a different situation.
    The phones are 4G compatible, but only 3G is available in our area. We do use our pones at lot. Streaming videos, games, email and texting.
    It’s good to hear of alternate services. Keep it up.

    • Serena says:

      Thanks, Allen! How much do you pay for the Sprint Friends & Family plan? Hubby works for Sprint, so I get unlimited text and data and I think I get 1000 “anytime” minutes, but sometimes I go over! It depends on how chatty I am. But it hurts getting the extra fees tacked on when that happens! And as for 4G, yeah, I don’t think I have used much 4G in this area…? Can’t wait to try out this Family Mobile plan to see how it stacks up! Thanks for your comment!!

  3. Wendy says:

    I recently switched to the family mobile through Wal-Mart. I have 5 lines, my bill went from $360 a month with T-Mobile family plan to $195! I am loving it so far, the only problem I have found is that some people either don’t get my text, it’s just a blank bubble or they get a bunch of mixed up words & only a piece of it. Babe you had any text problems? How had everything been going?

    • Serena says:

      Hey Wendy! Sorry that I am just now responding to your question about the Wal-Mart family mobile! You have a great deal there! What are you doing with all that extra cash? 😉 Nope, I didn’t have any text problems. Did you call customer service about it?

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